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Welcome to our official website!

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Our Advantage
"Jianghua" Brand Series
Continuously strengthen the quality of products once in 1998, the company passed the iso9002 quality system authentication, then in 2002 successfully passed the iso9001: 2000 standard quality system authentication; product quality and first-class.

Quality trustworthy enterprise

Sinopec material resources market members, CNPC first class network members, China Chemical Equipment Corporation designated enterprises

Advanced equipment and perfect inspection

CNC machine tools, lathe, hobbing and shaping, boring and milling machine, drill, etc.

Best-selling products are widely praised

Products sell well in refining, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, power, light industry, construction and other industries...

A complete quality assurance system

Adhere to the tenet of "quality first, customer first", and constantly strengthen the consciousness of product quality. The products are all approved by the national compulsory certification standard.

Dedication to customers and dedication to society

The company has extensively absorbed the advanced technological achievements at home and abroad and continuously developed new products.


Quality is our life, honesty is our eternal

About us

Specializing in the production of mechanical and electrical products, all kinds of material cable bridges and busbar grooves, switchgear, various types of coupling products

About us


        Zhenjiang Huayang Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a company professional in manufacturing mechanical products. Established in 1990, with registered capital of RMB30.68 million and area of 35000m2, this company has been enlarged with 235 employee now, including 46 technical people.
        Since foundation, we are engaged in development and manufacture of cable tray, instrument valves and coupling. We now have the production scale as follows.


Shenhua Coal Refining Company Ordos

CNOOC Refinery Co., Ltd. major oil refinery project in Huizhou

Anhui Huainan Chemical Group Co., Ltd.


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